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M.A.N Resort is the place you’ve been waiting for! M.A.N Resort is the only exotic boutique day club designed exclusively for men nestling in the fabulous tropical island of Bali.

Located just 800 meters away from the most beautiful west facing double-six beach and within walking distance of the well-known bar/clubs Bali Joe and Mixwell Bar. A short taxi ride takes you to and from the airport and we even offer an arrival and departure package to make your visit seamless and trouble free.

We are all about relaxing in the sun by our crystal clear pool, meeting new friends from Bali and beyond without the distraction of kids and families. We have it all, in a safe and private oasis. Flowing from the new hotel* which blends seamlessly into the pool, bar and restaurant area, to the Spa, and changing rooms and the sauna complex, it’s a complete package for longer stays or just a day away.

Even a small gym is available for guests.*
Drinks, snacks, meals, massages, a haircut or shave, relaxing music, sun loungers, discreet booths, sofas and water features, complete our package against the background of the beautiful Bali sun.

* Hotel and gym coming December 2022



(coming soon)



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Visit us and have the most fun, the day club is open daily from 11am -9 pm, the treatment rooms from 9am -8pm.

Hope to see you soon!